Meet the Reckless Girls

Julia Rodriguez

Trailer to Young Adult Novel Chasing Ghosts

Amanda Prescott

After having a tough sophomore year, Mercedez is ready to get her act together. That includes getting better grades, making amends with her family, and even say goodbye to her bad boy ex-boyfriend. As she tries to turn the corner, she realizes though she is in a better place in life she still has to face her own worst enemy: herself.

​ Getting back together with her boyfriend was a blessing. Getting him to say the “l” word was a miracle. As Julia and her collegiate boyfriend get more serious, temptations arises taking her relationship with him to the next level, fearing she will lose him if she doesn’t. ​​

​Amanda is determined to do anything to become popular during her junior year of high school. While trying to get attention, she tries to make the grades, get involved in every club at school in order to get into Princeton, and of course, date one of the most popular guys at school, even though he is a known player. 

Angela has finally made it to her junior year of high school and she is over the drama of the past years. Though the drama at school about her has died down, it has escalated at home, now that her mother is back together with her ex. Angela tries to avoid her mother’s boyfriend at all cost, however when tragedy strikes, he is the only one she believes she can turn to.


Angela es Fresh

Thanks to Caitlin Byerly for the amazing book cover.


The Reckless Girls

From left to right :Amanda, Julia, Mercedez, & Angela.

A special thanks to my co-director and co-writer Luke Chrusciel, writer Joseph Costa, director of photography Jude Chehab, 1st assistant camera Liz Acevedo, DP assistant Gonzulas Acuna, makeup and hair stylists Cindy Ojeda and Claire Brinko from Beauty Ministry, production assistants Damion Baker & Aaron Bellamy, Jessica Chavez and Edgar Chavez for helping with wardrobe, and caterers Jean & Esther Francois.
And of course thank you to all of the actors and actresses.

Mercedez Mendoza

Chasing Ghosts Synopsis

    Welcome to Laura the Writer webpage, a place where you can find out all of the latest news and gossip of the Reckless Girls from the new young adult novel, Chasing Ghosts, the sequel to Reckless Perfection. Once you've had a chance to see the girls in action in the trailer to Chasing Ghosts, keep reading to find out what the Reckless Girls have been up to since their sophomore year of high school. 

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